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On Friday the 5th of October, Jody from MLT came in to chat to us about independence. 

Lucy Edwards and Rosie Maple

He told us a few stories and one of them was that he tried to get into Southampton football team but because he spent his time with his mates instead of training, he couldn’t get on the team although he had the most talent. Then he said to himself if I cannot do that, then I should become a football coach. He has been to Barcelona Football Club to learn to be a football coach.

He told us to try to do more things independently, to help our adults do things around the house. He asked us our names and what we would like to be when we are older, then he asked us if we could do it or not. Some of us said, “No, we cannot.” He made us believe that we could do it then all of us said that we could do whatever we wanted to if we tried hard. After a while he said that he once went to a school with a disabled girl called Isabel and she was set a task and she kept trying but she kept on falling over. He thought I need to go and tell her to stop and give up because it was so sad to see her not being able to do it. Just as he was about to say it to her, she looked at him and she did it. He realized then you should never tell someone to stop when they are trying hard. Then he told us that we were going to make sandwiches and that we could EAT THEM! (I think that that was the best bit). He wanted to show us that we could all be independent and do something to help out at home.

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