South Wilts Grammar School IT Experience

on Wednesday, 09 March 2016. Posted in Ash Class

On the 25th of February Ash Class Year Sixes went to South Wilts Grammar School. We learned how to hack Minecraft! 

The warm up hack was to place a block every time you moved. We wrote the code into python shell (a programming software) it was a bit like this. mc.Player.steve type.block=10 place.Block. 0.1 second cooldown. That isn't the real thing but it is along the lines of how to do it.

After that hack we could do other hacks like teleportation every time you tried to move.

The third and final hack was a mini game called block fighters it was a cool game to play! It had floating sandstone that you had to shoot with a bow and try to knock it down then it turns into sand or gravel depending on where you hit it. You can also adjust the speed so it is harder to hit it.

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