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on Monday, 14 March 2016. Posted in Ash Class

At South Wilts we investigated the murder of Flopsy the toy bunny rabbit which had been mutilated!

 Blog by Eddie and Henry 


We took a series of tests including: blood viscosity, water acidity, chemical burning and chromatography test.  

The blood viscosity test is what we did to work out when Flopsy died. We had to get a white tile and pour 4 different types of blood onto the tile and measure how long it took the blood (it wasn't real blood) to travel between two lines. Type A was 1- 5 hours after death, type B was 6- 10 hours after death and type C was 11- 15 hours after death.

To test the water acidity we had to use a dropper to put a small amount of water into a dimple tile. We then used the Universal Indicator to identify the level of acidity. 0 (deep red) indicated high acidity. The scale went through other colours to purples and blues which indicate alkaline (14). 7, half way was lime green and indicated normal water.

Our next test was chemical burning. We had a Bunsen burner which we plugged into a gas tap. Our partners got a dry stick to light the Bunsen burner, we always ensured there was one person 'guarding' the flame. Then one of the partners collected a wet stick which they dipped into one of the chemicals off of the suspects different shoes. The Bunsen burner was then turned onto a roaring flame and then we placed the chemicals on the end of the stick into the flame. My favourite (Henry) was Miss W which was a vibrant orange and low purple. My favourite (Eddie) was Mrs B which was a deep, vibrant red.

The last test was chromatography. The different pens used by each of the teachers was used. We put a dot of each colour onto filter paper. The paper was put in to the water (not the dot!) and then the water would seep into the ink which separated the components that made the colour. Once again, Mrs B was identified as matching the evidence.

In conclusion to all the tests Mrs B did it!

It was an amazing afternoon, great fun and we learnt a lot.

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