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On Tuesday the 22nd of March, the whole school went to Stonehenge. 

Blog by Eddie & Henry

On the way to Stonehenge we went to Woodhenge; although it's called Woodhenge all the wood was replaced with concrete a long time ago because the wood rotted.

Ash class walked from the visitors centre to Stonehenge, the walk was very long. The views you could see were amazing! As we got closer we noticed the massive burial mounds. We got to walk up and down them. Then we got to Stonehenge…

You don’t release how big the stones are until you are up close. It was fantastic!!! Some stones have to have metal supports inside them so they don't fall down, (you can’t see it though). Then we all walked around the monument to see it at different angles.

We got the bus back to the visitor's centre; which was was packed full of visitors to see the site. Then we had lunch.

After lunch we went to the museum, it wasn’t massive but it contained all of the information that you needed to know.

Next we went to the gift shop to buy some souvenirs. I bought a bouncy ball and a wrist band.

Outside there was a reconstruction of the huts they lived in. Also there was a 'how many Stone Age men would you need to pull a giant rock', there was a rope you pulled and it said how many more men you would need. It originally started from one hundred and the lower it got the better.

When we had finished with that we got on the coaches and went back to school.  

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