Here at Coombe Bissett we are very proud of our children's behaviours. 

Our core values encourages excellent behaviour towards each other:

CARE = to love and care for each other

COMMITMENT = to respect each other, listening to each other equally and fairly

CREATIVITY = to find different ways to cherish each other

BELIEF = to believe that we can always be good and kind to wards each other, but in those rare occassions when we make a mistake we beieve we can fix a friendship through the positve actions we take to make ammends

BRAVERY = to recognise when things are not right and make them better, to do the right thing

BRILLIANCE = to know that each and every one of us is unique and special and to celebrate this diversity

Our Behaviour Policy (see below) is based on these core values and is aimed at providing lots of opportunities for praise and reward to motivate chldren. Our clarity and consistency of high expectations of behaviour support children to behave beautifully towards each other.

Our focus on learning behaviours (Learning Power and Growth Mindset) also encourage children to focus on their learning in a calm, stimulating and supportive environment.