• September 2021 a small number of places available in YR, Y5 and Y6


Our School's 'Designated Officer' is Mr Basinger-Adams and the 'Deputy Designated Officer' is Mr Wyatt.  The 'Designated Governor' is Mrs Nazer.

Here at Coombe Bissett we take every precaution to ensure the safeguarding of children as detailed in the DfE guidelines 'Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)'. From our approach to safe recruitment, to our security devices around the school, from our signing in registers and systems, to our health and safety inspection routines, from our curriculum which teaches about stranger danger and first aid, wellbeing and healthy living to our outside agency visitors, from our professionla development training for staff to our Child Protection Policy and procedures.

Everyone is involved in keeping children safe. Our school is a listening school and has a strong safeguarding culture.

Our staff undergo regular and stringent safeguarding training to help them to spot signs in children of neglect and abuse, FGM, CSE, Radicalisation and Private Fostering. We work closely with parents and outside agencies to provide the very best care for all of our children.

A Child Protection leaflet is issued to all staff, visitors and volunteers (see below) and further information is provided in our Child Protection Policy.

All volunteers are required to complete a full DBS.

Contractors are required to have DBS clearance if working unsupervised, otherwise a member of staff will supervise them during their time on the school site. 

If you wish to work at Coombe Bissett Primary you will be required to complete a full DBS before application. We will then have regular reviews of your working practice in relation to safeguarding at regular intervals. All staff remain vigilant at all times with regard to all adults working with children.