Outdoor Collective Worship

Times are so different at the moment but here at Coombe Bissett C of E Primary School Collective Worship is valued and we are thinking outside our normal routines to maintain this important part of our school day.  We have whole school TEAMS Collective Worship on our big interactive Whiteboards where we wave, discuss and pray with our friends from different classes, we have class worship focussing on our school values and then we wonderful visitors. 

This term Reverend Cannon Jenny Taylor came to meet Oak Class on a breezy autumnal afternoon on the top field. We learnt about her cassock, her role in CB church and surrounding parish and had the opportunity to join in with a prayer ending with ‘Amen’ to show we wanted to make that prayer our own.

What a wonderful opportunity in a safe outdoor environment. Thank you for coming to visit us all Reverend Cannon Jenny Taylor we hope to see you again soon.