Pupil Leadership

At Coombe Bissett we believe passionately in opportunities for Pupil Leadership, offering a large range detailed below.

Pupil Surveys

We hold regular pupil surveys where every child has a voice. They have recently been consulted on our new whole school Vision and Values and our new Behaviour Policy, and individuals are regularly selected by governors to offer their opinions on our School Development Plan and wider provision. This information is then used by staff and governors when making decisions on provision.

Class Council

Every child is a member of the class council. They regularly discuss aspects to improve opportunities for the children - feeding their ideas into the School Council.

School Council

Each year class representatives are elected by their peers to represent their clas / year group on the School Council. They meet regularly to discuss school development, wider provision and special events. There are a further 3 positions, democratically elected by the whole school, of Chair, Vice-Chair and Scribe. 

Worship Council

Each year class represenatives are interviewed and selected for their position on the Worship Council. They meet regularly to plan worship and feedback on the effectiveness of worship. They record daily assessment of worship and pupil contributions. They explore opportunities for spirituality around the school.

Class Ambassadors

Each year children are interviewed and selected as year group amabassadors for their class. It is theur role to welcoime visitors to the class informing them of the learning in that class.

Team Captains

Each year a Y6 child from each team is elected by their peers to be the Team Captain. It is their job to organise their Teams during sporting events such as our termly INTERTEAM Tournaments, to organise the sports reporter board, to review sporting provision across the school, and to add up the weekly totaliser for our Team Tokens (our reward system).

Peer Leaders

Some of our older children have recieved training in order to run a weekly lunchtime club for the younger children in the school. They design the focus, the activities and deliver the club. They regularly review the club to see what could be iomproved or what new club could be introduced.


Pupils are encouraged to become 'advocates' for their hobbies outside of school. Their role is to run a collective worship about their hobby and be the in school contact / advisor to the rest of the children about that hobby. We have advocates for Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Karate, Gymnastics, Football, Dance, Performance, etc.

Class Monitors

Every class operates a system of 'monitors' for daily events organising the class.