A Teddy bear for every child

This is a small gift for you to keep. We understand how difficult things may be for you right now and so we wanted to recognise the Belief, Bravery and Brilliance you have shown during the past months.

You could give your teddy bear a name.

Your teddy bear also comes with a Journal and we hope you will be able to use this to record your adventures together. You may wish to record how you are feeling in the coming days and weeks or you may like to record where you take your teddy bear. Please send any photos of where you go with your teddy back, inside or outside, to your classes and perhaps they can guess where your teddy bear is?

Your Journal is also for you to keep and we do not expect to see it back in school unless it is something you are happy to share with us later on.

This gift is sent with love from all the parents, staff, Governors and neighbours in Coombe Bissett village.