Cluster Sculpture Day

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On Tuesday the 19th April we got a chance to participate   in a special art day with lots of other schools from our cluster with Mrs McKeown leading us. We all had the time of lives!

 Blog by Freya V, Harry and Lucy O

We all made sculptures of people performing different sports and activities. We made it by using wire, wooden board, clay, plaster bandage and a paper towel

First we drew a picture of what we wanted our models to look like. Harry drew somebody playing pool, Freya’s was ice skating and Lucy’s was doing ballet.

This is how we made the model:

First we got a long piece of wire and made our base and part of the head. Next we got another piece of wire and made it into the arms. It was very hard and they were twisting round like a rollercoaster so we put on some tape to secure it. Mrs McKeown suddenly announced that it was break time. At break time everyone from the other schools was exited we all had an  A   M   Z   I   N   G   time on the play –trail. We  all made some great new friends …the whistle just blew too soon.  

When we came in Mrs McKeown told everyone to CALM DOWN so we all settled down. Lucy [from Downton] gave out some green paper towels for the next stage of the make. Before we used the paper towels we got another small bit of wire to make the head a scooch more 3D. We wrapped the leftover wire round the body. Some people were finished early so they talked about what we might be doing next. Everyone was very curious.

After we finished making the head we put clay on the base then we wrapped our wire sculpture with plaster bandage – the results were amazing!

Everyone had a fantastic day – THANK YOU MRS MCKEOWN

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